Kos, the isle of Hippocrates (the father of medical science, who lived and worked here circa 370 BC.) is one of the most beautiful isles in the Aegean Sea.
Its surface encloses about 295 square metres and after Rhodes and Karpathos it is the largest isle of the Dodecanese group. 
With its mild climate almost throughout the year and its beautiful scenery, Kos holds the winning cards to attract people from all over the world.
It offers you impeccable golden sand beaches, together with monuments that testify of a glorious past.
Kos is actually one large, long and narrow plain. 
However, there is one single exception: a magnificent mountainous area at the northwest part of the isle, forming a mountain ridge from the west to the south.
Here a chain of summits can be admired of which the Dikaio is the highest.
From its top you will enjoy the immense views across the isle and at the same you can watch the birds that frequent this part of the isle such as eagles, falcons and partridges.
Very special are the two hydro-biotopes. One is situated near Tigaki and the second one is close to Kos-City.
In autumn many migratory birds, like flamingos and ducks, fly to that part of the isle to over winter.
And also the Caretta-Caretta turtle will visit the island to lay her eggs at the northern coast.
Apart from the enjoyment of the magnificent nature, the isle of Kos offers many more places of interest.
You will find here several archaeological excavations like the Asklepion (the first hospital), a Medieval Knight's castle, the Odeon, a Roman Bath and many more places worthwhile visiting as for instance the plane tree, of which is said that Hippocrates used to sit underneath it.
Kos-City is an attractive place with two harbours; one for the daytrip-boats and the ferries and the other one is the marina.
Furthermore you will come across many cosy restaurants, bars, shops and a market hall, which are definitively worthwhile visiting.
Apart from Kos-City there are many more little villages which we warm heartedly recommend visiting.
For instance: in the little village of Zia you can enjoy a nice drink and a romantic meal while watching a breathtaking sunset. 
In Antimachia you can pay a visit to a traditional Greek house and a windmill.
Furthermore you should definitively visit the hot springs (Roman Baths) at the southern part of the isle.
Near Tigaki you will find the most beautiful beaches and here you will also find the salt lake.
In Mastichari you will come across a very large water park (Lido.)
On several beaches you can enjoy all sorts of water sports like surfing and snorkel.
To give you a good impression of the isle we whole heartedly advise you to look at our pictures of the dream paradise of Kos.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy them.